About Us

Spirit Fox Studios is a game and website development studio.
We take ass and kick names, we are digitally based with
our team enjoying the comforts of working remotely.
Our background historia
Spirit Fox Studios was introduced in 15th March 2019 and we have been growing ever since. What makes us stand out from the rest of the companies is that we are not an agency, we are a digital studio we don't follow the generic design norms that agency's use. We create works that matches the characteristics and personality of our customers. Yes our work might take a few days extra but it is worth it , we guarantee you it is.
We are a crazy bunch of individuals who desire to perfect our skills and talents. We don't hide advice or suggestion we will tell you straight if its cool, needs improvement or back to the drawing board.
When we do meet up
We are a crazy bunch who love playing games *cough cough* PC Master Race there are no rules as long as you finish your work. We frequently stray from the main objective coming up with stuff on the side, it is usually stupid but fun.
Our Poison
C++, PHP, SQL are our poison, most of our websites and games are built of these core languages. C# was on your learn list but it took a turn since we only use unreal engine to develop games. We use WordPress and if requested custom built websites as well.
Cups of Coffee